Chief Digital Officer appointed at Hamburg's Ministry of Economy

Dr. Sebastian Saxe to manage digitalisation at Hamburg's Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation
08 February 2018

Dr. Sebastian Saxe, an IT expert and mathematician, took office as the new Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at the Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) with responsibility for managing digitalisation and all related activities on January 1, 2018. Apart from Saxe and Christian Pfromm, former head of IT at the BHF Bank, Hamburg’s senate also has another digitalisation expert, BWVIconfirmed Friday (January 19, 2018) media reports. 

Creating and managing interdisciplinary processes 

Saxe will focus mainly on digitalisation within BWVI and with partners in commerce, science and society. One of his main objectives will to establish interdisciplinary processes to jointly co-ordinate developments in Hamburg between commerce, traffic and other sectors. The CDO will function as an interface between ministries and participating companies. Four annual meetings will be held at the ministry. 

Experience as Chief Digital Officer

Saxe is well acquainted with administration in Hamburg. Previously, he was Departmental and Divisional Head and a member of urban executive boards. He worked at the Urban Development Authority and the Building authority, the Revenue Office and at the Hamburg-based Dataport IT servicer provider among others. Saxe was formerly CDO at the Hamburg Port Authority also.