YOTA giving overview of IT workshops and courses for youths

Insight into STEM professions - new events on machine learning, mobility and game design
29 September 2022
Boy sitting at computer

The Young Talents Hamburg (YOTA) platform, launched by Hamburg Invest, is now offering an overview of IT courses and workshops offered by companies, universities and associations for young people this autumn. Registrations for events during the mid-term break are being accepted until the deadline of October 5, 2022. Germany has lacked skilled workers in the sector for years, according to a survey by Statista

Machine learning and seafaring

The Technical University of Hamburg (TU Hamburg) is offering a five-day techno mathematics workshop on machine learning for IT enthusiasts aged 16 and over from October 10-14, 2022, The workshop will explore how mobile phones identify a person's friends in photos and whether machines can actually learn. Visits to companies including the Fraunhofer CML and the biometrics company Dermalog are also on the schedule. Tech-savvy youths who are interested in seafaring can take part in the "Fascination Ship" workshop by the German Port Museum on October 10-11, 2022 which focuses on ship building while another workshop entitled "A Seabag" on October 17, 2022  is all about historical seafaring.

Mobility in future and game design 

The University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) will host a two-day "Mobility" teaser camp on October 17-18. Emphasis will be on autonomous driving, climate targets and drones. Youths can try their hand at game design in the German Harbour Museum on October 21, 2022. No previous knowledge is required. The other highlights include the Gen-Z Startup Weekend in the Design Offices in downtown Hamburg from November 4-6, 2022 to stir up interest in entrepreneurism. Youths can tinker with novel ideas and meet experienced founders. More information can be found on the YOTA website.