Internorga 2023 to present digital trends for out-of-home market

Leading international trade fair launches from March 10-14, 2023 in Hamburg
09 December 2022
Fahnen der Internorga neben dem Hamburger Fernsehturm

The leading international Internorga trade fair (March 10 to 14, 2023) in Hamburg will highlight digital applications for future-proof out-of-home market businesses under the theme of  "#alltogether" next year. This comes in the wake of the pandemic and as rising energy prices and the shortage of skilled workers hit the sector also.

More space for digital helpers

"Digital transformation has hit the entire industry," said Claudia Johannsen, Business Unit Manager at Hamburg Messe und Congress. Digital helpers are crucial to more efficient processes, reducing costs and tackling the ongoing lack of skilled workers. Internorga catered to these needs in 2022 with a "Digital Applications" themed-area and will make even more space available for this theme in 2023 to offer the industry significant added value.

Diverse applications for digital services

Internorga will shine the spotlight on both national and global  companies in 2023. The products on display will range from digitalized checkout systems, waste management software to systems for workforce scheduling, logistics management and back-office connections. Such services could optimize internal processes, save costs or compensate for staff shortages, according to Hamburg Messe und Congress. More information can be found on the website.