German Renewables Award for pioneers of energy transition

EEHH awards for zero-emission hydrogen ships, innovative heat concepts and climate research
29 August 2022
Aerial view of Stadtpark Hamburg

The Renewable Energy Cluster Agency (EEHH) presented Thursday (August 25, 2022) the German Renewables Awards during a ceremony in the Altonaer Kaispeicher to honour individuals and companies who are advancing the energy transition with novel products and projects. The awards are presented annually in the categories: Project of the Year, Product Innovation, Student Work, Hydrogen Innovation of the Year,  Lifetime Achievement and Best Media Work.

Innovative local heating project

A project by the Bauverein der Elbgemeinden eG to make the suburb of Heidrehmen energy-efficient was hailed as "Project of the Year". It involves various energy-saving measures such as basement to ceiling insulation, overhauling the local heating network, combined heat and power plants and a tenant electricity model in co-operation with Hamburger Energiewerke. The suburb may yet prove a model for investing successfully in the heat transition in residential areas, according to the award winner Axel Horn, of Bauverein der Elbgemeinden eG.

Winners of German Renewables Award 2022
Winners of 11th German Renewables Awards

Hydrogen Innovation of the Year

A split rotor bearing by Schäffler AG for replacing a wind turbine nacelle topped the "Product Innovation of the Year" category. The asymmetrical, spherical roller bearing saves time and money when replacing rotor bearings. "The idea was born on a serviette in an airport café," said the winner, Andreas Bierlein of Schäffler AG. A project by Turneo GmbH in Cuxhaven won the award in the "Hydrogen Innovation of the Year" category. The company is creating infrastructure for "heavy-duty mobility to sea" that can be operated emission-free with hydrogen.


Innovative strength honoured

"We cannot lose sight of the fact that many groundbreaking developments continue to emerge in addition to the many existing innovative and sustainable energy products, projects and concepts given the present energy crisis," said Jan Rispens, Managing Director of EEHH Cluster. The network was impressed by the innovative strength, great commitment and perseverance shown by the award-winning companies and individuals, he added.

German Renewables Award 2022 for great ideas 

Patrick Kloss, a Master's graduate at the Helmholtz Institute Hereon in Geesthacht, won the award in the "Student Work of the Year" category for his digital twin for a solid-state hydrogen storage system. The Lifetime Achievement award went to meteorologist, Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob, for regional climate modelling and adapting to the effects of climate change. Jacob was the lead author of the fifth "Assessment Report" by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and co-ordinator of the "1.5 °C Global Warming" report. The prize for "Best Media Work" went to Yves Bellinghausen for her report, "Look at this little town", focusing on the smart energy city of Wunsiedel in the Fichtel Mountains. The report in the "Brand eins" magazine shows how the town became entirely energy self-sufficient thanks to renewable energies.