Future Hamburg Talk meets Tanja Ferkau, founder of Impct

Ferkau outlines Impct's mission and why Hamburg caters to all of social entrepreneurs' needs
13 July 2022
Tanja Ferkau

Sustainability is high on the agenda nowadays. More and more people and companies are making decisions against the backdrop of advancing climate change. Perceptions of sustainability have also changed vastly, according to Tanja Ferkau, CEO of Impct, which she founded in 2017 as a non-profit platform to achieve systemic change and long-term social transformation.

The sustainability expert sees herself and her team as intermediaries who bring together stakeholders such as  NGOs, foundations, business people and business angels to actively solve the challenges of our time. In our latest Future Hamburg Talk, Ferkau outlines a typical working day at Impact, why Science City Bahrenfeld in west Hamburg is forward-looking and the importance of disruption.