EUR 6 million in EU funds for quantum research at Hamburg University

Projects focus on data flows and twisted quanta for greater data protection
05 October 2022
Hauptgebäude der Universität Hamburg

Two research projects by the Cluster of Excellence "CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter" at the University of Hamburg are to receive EUR 6 million in EU funds, a press release said Tuesday (September 20, 2022). Prof. Dr. Dieter Jaksch, Faculty of Physics, is to receive EUR 4.9 million for the Quantum Computational Fluid Dynamics (QCFD) project to improve the calculation of fluid flows with quantum technology. The Quantwist project, managed by Dr. Thore Posske, Faculty of Physics, is to receive EUR 1.5 million for research into more stable twist quantum systems.

Quantum software for flow calculation

Scientific progress in numerous fields is driven by the ability to predict and optimise complex fluid flows accurately. "We are meeting this challenge by developing a quantum software framework for industrially relevant problems in computational fluid dynamics," said Jaksch. That should expand the possibilities of quantum computing for industrial applications. The findings could benefit various sectors such as the energy, automotive or chemical industries and increase the possibilities of flow computation. The project is being funded as part of the EU Commission's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation (RIA) scheme. 

Twisted quanta to protect information 

Present quantum systems are highly unstable and can malfunction quickly when subjected to outer factors. Posske is therefore developing a kind of shoelace model to research new types of data storage for more stable quantum computers . Similar to a shoelace, information is only protected from outer factors by tying a knot. The Quantwist project is to receive an ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council for five years from November 1, 2022.