Startups secure millions in latest rounds of financing

ReAct, cofenster and M-Tribes secure investments
22 February 2021

Responsive Acoustics GmbH (ReAct), cofenster and M-Tribes are among several startups to have sealed millions in rounds of financing conducted in early 2021. 

Founded in 2015, the ReAct software company sealed follow-up financing this year. The company offers retailers in eight countries solutions such as the IoT communication platform "Call to Action" for more efficient and process-orientated communication between humans and machines. ReAct is now putting the fresh capital towards growth, international sales and developing new market segments. Manuel Tessloff, CEO, said: "This successful capital round evidences the importance of digitalised operations on the floor in retail and industry." The MBG Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein mbH and private investors had taken part in this latest round of financing.

Employees produce videos to match corporate identity

Meanwhile the cofenster startup has secured EUR 1.5 million from the Cologne-based early-stage investor Capnamic Ventures in a seed financing round. Founded just last year by Tom Vollmer, Oliver Wegner and Finn Frotscher, cofenster aims to make corporate communications more democratic. A mobile phone app allows employees to produce high-quality videos that match their employer's branding. The software includes a dashboard on which the progress of the project is recorded. The programme then mixes the videos recorded with elements of corporate identity. 

Investment in transport

The M-TRIBES startup has also sealed a seed funding round led by Matthias Schrader, the Hamburg-based founder of SinnerSchrader, who would like to see more democratic access to transport technologies. The high six-figure investment sum values the startup at EUR 10 million. Around 25 startups, SMEs and enterprises in over ten countries are using the M-TOOLS platform to operate and scale transport services for last-mile delivery, courier services, ride-hailing and car sharing.