Silberstreifen Award: Ten Hamburg design projects honoured

Designxport and the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft make the first Silberstreifen Award for social, economic and ecological solutions
10 September 2020
Idee Symbolbild

A Silberstreifen Award was handed to a total of 10 design projects by Hamburg designers at the start of September. The prototypes und models being premiered point the way to solutions to social, economic and ecological challenges. Under the auspices of the first Silberstreifen Award, the Hamburg Creative Association and designxport sought out future-proof concepts, methods, and products seen as responses to current crises, such as pandemics, climate change and social grievances. 

Projects on Socially Relevant Themes

The award was open to Hamburg Creators from all design disciplines (Architecture, Communications, Fashion, Product, Space, Social, Strategy, Urban etc.) A professional jury selected the most promising projects from the wide range of entries. These include reusable do-it-yourself facemasks to protect against Sars-CoV-2, a mini cargo bike that eases the load on roads and the climate, and software that allows end-users themselves to design sustainable clothes. Paths towards a more inclusive and safer society, an optimal policy on climate change and a more sustainable economy are to be signposted in this way.

Design Scene as Innovation Driver

“The design scene is facing the huge challenge of getting on top of the corona crisis, in particular as an innovation driver for social transformation towards the post-pandemic era,” Frances Uckermann, head of designxport, says. “The results of the competition for the Silberstreifen Award make clear that there is no lack of good ideas and concrete proposals. I’m very pleased to be able to present this work in our premises in my new role as head of designxport.”

All the projects received financial support for creating prototypes of their ideas. The prototypes of the projects premiered can be viewed free of charge in the designxport premises in HafenCity up to 20 September 2020.