Robotics ensuring ideal hygiene standards in aviation

Airbus and Altran develop "Tetrabots" or autonomous swarm robots in joint project
20 August 2020
Aurbus A380

A project by Airbus and the Altran consultancy, focusing on making flying safe despite the corona pandemic, has resulted in compact, autonomously moving swarm robots, a press release said Wednesday (August 12, 2020). The robots can be used for the automated disinfection of aircraft and sections of the airport to detect passengers with higher body temperatures.

Swarm robots ensure hygiene

The so-called "Tetrabots" are light and move in a swarm. Special wheels facilitate omnidirectional manoeuvres and enable the robots to move even in very limited spaces. The robots can also ensure hygiene standards are met at airports, in the aircraft cabin and in particularly critical areas such as toilets, galleys, cockpits and baggage compartments autonomously and thereby reducing the risk of infection.

Use in aircraft production

The "swarm" uses state-of-the-art lidar, camera or heat sensors to easily recognize changing environments and navigate independently. The Tetrabot can also detect passengers with higher body temperatures via a thermal imaging camera and informs gate personnel of the risk. The highly flexible robots can also be used in aircraft production e.g. to position cabin parts or seats perfectly.