next.Media Hamburg announces latest teams in Media Lift scheme

Early-stage funding for bright ideas in media and digital industries – latest Media Lift incubator launches
15 April 2021

Five teams are to receive early-stage funding when the latest Media Lift incubator launches in mid-April through early September 2021. More than 100 founders had entered their business ideas in content and technology for the scheme, initiated by the nextMedia.Hamburg. 

Over 50 professionals plus workshops and coaching 

The teams are to develop their ideas and take them to the next level with the help of the Hamburg-based media and digital industry initiative. Each team receives start-up funding of up to EUR 15,000 and takes part in workshops and coaching sessions and receives support from more than 50 industry professionals e.g., Felix Burger (Jung von Matt), Kerstin Fröhlich (Spiegel) Colin Hauer (Universal Music), Eva Köhler (NDR) and Britta Schewe (Rocket Beans).

Audio walks, mental health and AI marketing

The following teams are taking part in the latest Media Lift incubator:

The Hamburg-based Actidude focuses on preventing mental illness. Digital services such as online courses and podcasts based on scientifically sound methods are designed to help users deal with crises and challenges.

One Pod Wonder
Anywave is a cloud-based online tool designed to simplify the revision of audio files such as podcasts and audio books. The Cologne-based founders of One Pod Wonder are the brain behind the idea.

The Danish company Ourdio wants to ease the production and sale of audio books. Authors and publishers can have their works automatically set to music with different speaking characters using text-to-speech. The completed audio books are uploaded onto the corresponding platforms.

Storydive is the first platform for interactive and location-independent audio walks and is essentially a mix of audio book and walk, according to the Stuttgart-based team. Any decisions made along the way influence the story and listeners experience the events as the main character in real surroundings.
The Mannheim-based team behind is working on a marketing assistant for startups. Business models are analysed and individual marketing activities are proposed using artificial intelligence. Users receive solid recommendations on how to gradually design successful campaigns.


Initiated by media and the digital sector in Hamburg, nextMedia.Hamburg aims to expand the city's leading role in those fields. To this end, the regional initiative promotes innovation-oriented co-operation and knowledge transfer between stakeholders as part of diverse schemes, events and content. nextMedia.Hamburg is backed by the City of Hamburg and committed companies and innovators and is part of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH