New study to set up framework conditions for global hydrogen trade

TÜV Nord Group and H2 Global analyzed traceability of supply chains - tracking system for greater transparency
22 September 2023
Wasserstoff-Elektrolyseur Green Hydrogen Hub in Hamburg

A study by TÜV Nord and the H2 Global non-profit foundation on the traceability of global supply chains offers the European Union guidelines for a global hydrogen industry, in which Hamburg could become a vibrant northern European hub.

Tracking entire supply chain

"We need a tracking system that captures the level of sustainability and the quality of production and transport of the hydrogen or derivative in question. Such an independent, transparent system would enable us to track the environmental impact, the qualities of a product and regulatory requirements across processes and supply chains. That is the prerequisite for a truly global hydrogen trade," said Jörg Aign, Managing Director of TÜV Nord Ensys. TÜV Nord Group will help partners such as SAP to develop digital solutions. "Our expertise in safety and sustainability allows us to develop solutions that meet the requirements of the rapidly evolving hydrogen market," said Silvio Konrad, Managing Director of TÜV Nord Systems.

Guidance for EU on global hydrogen trade

"TÜV Nord Group stresses that hydrogen is a key to the energy transition and decarbonisation," said Konrad. The study also analyzed the needs and benefits of uniform certification processes along the entire hydrogen value chain to offer the EU guidance on framework conditions for a global hydrogen trade.