Lüneburg to get 3D printing campus

New think tank to combine innovative workplaces and practical living in future
23 May 2018
3D Drucker

A “3D-Druck Campus Lüneburg-West” is to be built in Lüneburg with space for SMEs and and living space for employees. Local representatives presented the plans for the think tank in late April. The Hamburg-based Bionic Production AG, which specializes in 3D printing technology, is already based at Leuphana University in the west of Lüneburg. 

Focus on 3D printing techniques 

The 20-hectare area spreads across Lüneburg and neighbouring Reppenstedt. “In late 2017, Bionic Production AG settled in the former university building Volgershall,” said Ulrich Mädge, Mayor of Lüneburg. The company already uses 3D printing technology to produce building parts and objects and with high precision in three dimensions. Around 150 employees are to work with the technology in the future.

Innovative jobs for start-ups and SMEs

Thanks to the draw of Bionic Production AG, start-ups and SMEs that develop and produce with 3D printing technology are expected to settle in west Lüneburg. Technical courses of study at Leuphana University also offer many points of contact. Commenting on the plans, Josef Röttgers, mayor of the local authority and Susanne Stille, Reppenstedt’s community director, said: “Companies could set up their premises in Lüneburg and living space for employees in Reppenstedt.”