"Industrial park of the future" celebrates opening in Buchholz

Technology and Innovation Park Nordheide (TIP) to link mid-sized companies with science - 5G license planned
03 September 2021
Innovation park Nordheide

The Technology and Innovation Park (TIP) Nordheide celebrated the opening of the 25-hectare (61 acre) area Friday (August 27, 2021) almost two years after construction began in late 2019. TIP combines a high-quality business area with science in Buchholz to bring together medium-sized companies' innovations with applied research, according to the Economic Development Agency of the District of Harburg (WLH). 

TIP generating impulses

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Jens Wrede, Managing Director of WLH, said: "We can now clearly see that a vision is becoming reality and that the TIP Innovation Park is growing into a business quarter for the modern working world."  TIP is expected to generate impulses far beyond Harburg. The concept has a unique selling point in the region, said Rainer Rempe, District Administrator of Harburg, adding: "Networks can be formed and synergy effects can be used in TIP. We have long had the clever minds needed for this in Harburg. However, TIP will also create knowledge-based jobs needed to keep this expertise in the region and give it opportunities for development." One company has already begun construction work on the campus. Three more are to follow in 2022.

SMEs and science to network

Partnerships should allow medium-sized companies that offer such jobs and focus on the development of their products and processes to turn to science for support, according to WLH. The partners include the University of Applied Sciences 21 Buxtehude, the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and other research facilities and science-based institutions. TIP is an attractive location for SMEs with innovations and forward-looking developments as technology and knowledge transfer are promioted there, said WLH.

Innovation park to become the business park of the future

The innovation park will also be future-oriented (see draft of possible development in cover image ). "TIP goes far beyond what we have previously understood as an industrial estate," said Jan-Hendrik Röhse, Mayor of Buchholz. Wrede pointed out: "We want to make the area so attractive that workers and the population stay here even when the offices and businesses have long since closed. You could say: Look here! This is what the business park of the future looks like." A 5G campus licence would be issued and made available to companies and universities as a testing ground for applied research.