IKS celebrating tenth anniversary - centre driving future issues

1,200 consultations at interface between business and science
18 February 2021
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The Innovations Kontakt Stelle (IKS) Hamburg at the interface between science and commerce is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The consulting centre offers an overview of support options for making a product or service marketable. Companies are linked up with scientific institutions and find suitable contact persons and resources. SMEs and start-ups in particular are supported by IKS. 


Contact point for companies and scientists

The IKS has been a main point of contact for companies and research institutions since January 2011. The figures of the institution, which is financed by the City of Hamburg and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, speak for themselves. IKS has processed more than 800 requests for co-operation and conducted more than 1,200 knowledge and innovation transfer consultations. Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, stressed: "Innovations are particularly important at present. We want to use the crisis to drive innovation forward. It is important to bundle the knowledge available across all sectors, branches of industry and research institutions." He added: "IKS has been doing great work for ten years, and we do not want to do without it, especially now and in the future." 

IKS Team
© IKS Hamburg/Andrea Lang
IKS Team

Catalyst of innovation

Apart from consulting, IKS has regularly identified key technologies and offered companies an opportunity to adopt  blockchain, 3D printing, Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) or artificial intelligence to their own innovation pipelines early. IKS Hamburg also focuses on non-technical topics such as corporate responsibility, sustainability, marketing or trending issues such as remote working and digital collaboration. The IKS frequently acts as a catalyst of innovation and works closely with the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB) or the Chamber of Commerce's Innovation and Patent Center to fund innovations or  intellectual property rights for companies. During its anniversary year, IKS Hamburg will host various events on knowledge and technology transfer, innovation and forward-looking topics for entrepreneurs, scientists and interested residents.


IFB Hamburg

The Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB Hamburg) supports housing and economic development as well as environmental protection and innovation projects. IFB Hamburg is the main point of contact for private individuals, companies and institutions in Hamburg and advises about all of Hamburg's funding offers and those of the German government and the European Union. More information can be found on: www.ifbhh.de.