Hamburg's Vertiport now testing airfields for drones

Urban Air Mobility-Project: EUR 3 million for research into urban airfields
24 January 2022
UAVs in Port of Hamburg

The City of Hamburg is putting EUR 3 million towards the so-called Vertiport research project into the use of urban airfields for drones. Launched in December, the project comes against the increasing use of drones for logistics, maintenance processes and surveying. As an official EU model region, Hamburg has been actively testing drones since 2018.

Stakeholders in science and industry involved

The project is being carried out by a consortium of eleven Hamburg-based companies and research institutions including the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) and the German Aerospace Center, Hamburg Aviation announced. The goal is to develop, build and test modular vertiports by 2024. Specifications for drone airfields are to be developed in close co-operation with the authorities. Emphasis is on both industrial drone applications and for passenger transport. The requirements on drones for use in aviation and the prospects for companies in the passenger drone markets will also be assessed.