Hamburg's Kubermatic raises USD 8.3 million

IT start-up wins over investor in seed financing round - more efficient software development through "virtual containers
11 February 2022

The venture capital company btov Partners has invested USD 2.3 millions during Kubermatic's seed financing round, Sebastian Scheele and Julian Hansert, founders, announced in the company blog. The Hamburg-based start-up raised USD 6million in a financing round only last November.

Kubermatic's container technology for all industries

Founded in Hamburg in 2016, Kubermatic develops a cloud platform that makes the organisation of data in software development more efficient using so-called virtual containers. Kubermatic employs over 90 people and will put the fresh capital towards expanding its international customer base and accelerating product innovations. 

Its applications and services are based on the Kubernetes open source system, originally developed by Google. While IT applications used to be written as monoliths, small modules are now developed with the help of virtual containers and without having to think about the architecture. This makes it possible, for instance, to programme, test and deliver applications in different languages without major obstacles.