Hamburg to make charging stations for e-cars more economical

EUR 3.6 million in German government funds for FAMOUS project - tests charging station sharing software
20 September 2023
Symbol für Ladestation für E-Autos

An industry-led research consortium of companies, scientific institutions and local government is pushing ahead with the so-called FAMOUS project to develop software for reserving and sharing charging stations in Hamburg, a press release said Tuesday (September 12, 2023).  The German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection is funding the project with EUR 3.6 million until 2026. Asset sharing would see owners of charging stations make them available to others in a reservable time slot. This should create incentives to share e-charging stations reliably. 

FAMOUS to boost mobility transition private sector

"The FAMOUS project is the next step towards electric mobility in Hamburg," said Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics, as it boosts the expansion of charging stations in public and private spaces. "By sharing the charging stations with others, the investment and operating costs are spread over several shoulders. This makes charging cheaper," Leonhard added. That benefits user companies in Hamburg and should allow them to further electrify their fleets." "The involvement of bus operators, car sharers and ride sharers highlights the potential of the FAMOUS project for the mobility transition in our city. We are also supporting Hamburg's taxi industry, which is gaining access to reservable and reliable charging stations." said Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport. 

Conversion of transport to electrified drives

The project should boost the nationwide conversion to electric drives as well. Both B2B and B2C use cases will be considered, for instance, in bus depots, supermarkets, P+R facilities, and car sharing parking lots. The demand for power  will be forecast and improved. The consortium is led by Hysolutions while Stromnetz Hamburg is responsible for reservations and sharing solution. The German Aerospace Centre and the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility will research user acceptance and analyse the charging needs. The Ministry for Transport and the Ministry of Economics are also backing the project along with Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Moia and P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft, who will share their own charging stations.