Hamburg gearing up for summer of drones

HomePORT Innovation Campus to host “Drone Meetup” and holiday courses in July
23 June 2022
Drone over Hamburg

Registrations are now being accepted online for several drone-related projects at the HomePORT innovation campus in the Port of Hamburg next month. The agenda features a “Drone Meetup” with Michael Westhagemann, Senator of Economics, on July 14 and holiday courses for schoolchildren. The Interface Society (ThIS) digital association and HomePORT are giving away ten free tickets for the courses. Hamburg is already a hotspot of drones with projects in the port, aviation facilities and at universities. This growing industry opens up many opportunities for new professional fields and business models. The event will highlight the benefits of drones for training and job opportunities in aviation.

Holiday courses

The courses will be held during the first three weeks of the school holidays. DroneMasters is offering holiday courses for schoolchildren aged from ten to 15 years in HomePORT from July 11-29, 2022. Trainers and coaches from the Drone Masters Academy will teach beginners how to fly on sight and with video goggles, how to programme drones and how to handle them safely in Homeport, opposite the Landungsbrücken.

Month of drones in July 

The meetup with Westhagemann will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on July 14 and will focus on the growing need for skilled workers in the aerospace industry. The event also involves Hamburg Aviation's Windrove drone network and ThIS. The aim is to teach the basics of aviation and technology.


The Interface Society (ThIS!)

ThIS! is an association of companies, institutions and individuals with close links to digitalisation and the associated changes. ThIS! promotes scientific research into digitalisation and commissions expert opinions and research. The exchange and dissemination of the results promotes talks about digitalisation at various events and in digital media and publications.