Green kerosene to be produced in Hamburg from 2026

Leading energy and aviation companies set up "Green Fuels Hamburg"
27 June 2022
Airbus in Finkenwerder

A consortium consisting of Uniper SE, Siemens Energy, Airbus and the Sasol EcoFT energy company are setting up "Green Fuels Hamburg" to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel i.e., kerosene from environment-friendly hydrogen for Germany and giving Hamburg a pioneering role therein. 

Plans for electrolysis plant 

The consortium plans to build a large-scale electrolysis plant to produce green hydrogen using electricity provided by offshore wind power in the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial zone. That will be coupled with a production plant in which hydrogen is processed into power to liquid (PtL) kerosene, which is CO₂-neutral and a certified aviation fuel. Green Fuels Hamburg is designed to make a substantial contribution to decarbonising the aviation sector. The facility will initially produce at least 10,000 tonnes of PtL-SAF annually or 20 per cent of the PtL-SAF required by the German government in its PtL Roadmap for SAF blends from 2026.

"Excellent opportunity" for Hamburg

The consortium is backed by the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of the Environment and Hamburg Airport. Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, remarked: "Climate-neutral aviation in future needs global projects like 'Green Fuels Hamburg' to take a decisive step forward in production. This is an excellent opportunity for Hamburg as a centre of aviation and to boost sustainable aviation fuels as well." Other projects on more sustainable aviation, such as the Hydrogen Aviation Lab and the Sustainable Aero Lab start-up scheme are underway in Hamburg, which is considered key to the development of a Europe-wide hydrogen sector.