German Renewables Award 2022: Ideas wanted for the energy transition

Innovative products, ideas and projects relating to renewables wanted. EEHH Cluster honours hydrogen projects once more
17 February 2022
German Renewables Award 2021: Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer, Europa-Universität Flensburg, mit Moderatorin Janine Steeger

How can the share of renewable sources of energy be boosted further in the electricity, heating and transport sectors? The Hamburg Renewable Energies Cluster (EEHH) aims to confront the challenges of the energy transition in Germany with questions like this one. Businesses and students can apply with their proposals for answers, projects and final theses for this year’s German Renewables Award up to 25 March 2022.

EEHH Cluster honours hydrogen projects this year as well

The EEHH Cluster is this year for the 11th time honouring personal and entrepreneurial engagement for renewable forms of energy transition and the energy transition with the German Renewables Award. The prize is being awarded in the categories Lifetime Achievement, Innovative Product of the Year, Project of the Year, Student’s Thesis of the Year, the Journalist’s Prize – and for the second time under the heading Hydrogen Innovation of the Year. 

Ideas and projects with a link to the production, storage, use and transport of hydrogenare explicitly being sought. The EEHH Cluster places the emphasis here on so-called green hydrogen produced with renewable energy. Interested applicants may submit their project proposals or nominations online up to 25 March 2022. A jury, made up of representatives from business, academia and research will select the winners of the prizes in a two-stage procedure. The official award ceremony will provisionally be held in the Altona Kaispeicher on 24 August.