German government puts EUR 600,000 towards "Citizen Science"

University of Hamburg and residents research history telling on social media in project
12 March 2021
Menschen mit Smartphones

The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has earmarked EUR 600,000 in funds for the joint "Social Media History. History on Instagram and TikTok" project as part of "Citizen Science - Science for All" from March 2021 though 2024. Directed by the University of Hamburg and the University of Bochum and interested citizens, research will focus on how history is told on Instagram and TikTok. 

Focus on more reflective approach to historical events 

Analytical tools are to be developed with residents to interpret different representations of history and to distinguish facts from fake news. The researchers objective is to promote a more reflective approach to history telling in social media.

Eye level research

"This is not a classic research project in which researchers analyse, discuss and publish among themselves for many years," said Prof. Dr. Thorsten Logge, Assistant Professor of Public History at the University of Hamburg. "We are working with interested residents and learning with and from each other - and at eye level." A call for citizen participation will be issued when the project launches in summer 2021. As part of its excellence strategy, the University of Hamburg wishes to promote and anchor citizen science projects in research and involve society more in research in future.