Future Hamburg Talk meets Veronika Reichboth, Startup-Unit Hamburg

Assisting and guiding founders and their start-ups around Hamburg
07 March 2023
Veronika Reichboth im Future Hamburg Talk

Our latest Future Hamburg Talk with Veronika Reichboth, Head of Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit, gives founders and start-ups insight into setting up their companies. Reichboth reveals what experience she inputs as a former founder.  She also outlines how entrepreneurs  can gain a foothold in Hamburg's start-up ecosystem with the Startup Unit. In an interview with Marilena Berends, Reichboth describes Hamburg’s support for international start-ups and scale-ups.

Startup City Hamburg

The Startup City Hamburg platform gives start-ups an overview of funding and networking opportunities in the city. This single digital point of contact for Hamburg's startup ecosystem enhances Hamburg's image making it more attractive for fledgling national and international companies. The website is the result of a joint initiative by the Ministry of Economics, Hamburg Innovation, Hamburg Invest and Hamburg Marketing, as well as the Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT).