Future Hamburg Talk: Infrastructure for green hydrogen

Michael Dammann, Gasnetz Hamburg, and Bert Kiewiet, Gasunie, discuss conversion of Hamburg's gas network to hydrogen
15 June 2021
Future Hamburg Talk

A secure and sustained demand for hydrogen is an important prerequisite for a functioning market. However, the importance of a solid, efficient infrastructure is often underestimated. Various European projects now foresee plans to adapt existing sections of the gas network to storing and distributing hydrogen. By adapting a large part of the local gas grid to hydrogen (50 km), Hamburg will by 2025 have created such infrastructure – an ideal prerequisite for integrating hydrogen in the overall national and European gas grid. 

In this talk, Michael Dammann, Authorised Representative of Gasnetz Hamburg, presents concrete plans for making the gas network in the Port of Hamburg hydrogen-ready. Bert Kiewiet, Manager Hydrogen Germany of Gasunie, explains how a potential link with the trans-national European gas network can be achieved and just how concrete those plans are.