Future Hamburg Talk: Hydrogen production and its industrial use

Dr. Oliver Weinmann, Vattenfall, Christian Heine, Wärme Hamburg, and Dr. Uwe Braun (ArcelorMittal) outline conditions for hydrogen market
08 June 2021
Future Hamburg Talk

Hamburg offers ideal conditions for producing green hydrogen e.g., at the decommissioned Moorburg power plant. Some 100 MW of electrolysis have been set up initially and plans are being laid to expand capacity. This creates the best conditions for supplying nearby industries such as steel or heat suppliers with large volumes of green hydrogen. This exemplifies a first, complete hydrogen ecosystem with short paths for both supply and demand. 

In this talk, Dr. Oliver Weinmann, Managing Director of Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH, highlights hydrogen from a producer point of view while Christian Heine, Managing Director of Wärme Hamburg, and Dr. Uwe Braun, CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany Holding GmbH, give insight into demand. They illustrate the conditions needed for a self-sustaining hydrogen market in Hamburg.