Future Hamburg Talk: Hydrogen in port logistics and shipping

Dr. Georg Böttner, Head of HHLA's New Business Development, and Dr. Reinhard Lüken, Association of Shipbuilding, discuss use of hydrogen on land and water
25 May 2021
Future Hamburg Talk

Hamburg and the north German region boast state of the art, efficient ports with large production facilities nearby. Paths are short and the framework conditions for the availability and distribution of hydrogen are good. However, the legal and technical framework conditions for port industries have yet to clarified as hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels gain ever more importance in shipping

In this talk, Dr. Georg Böttner, Head of New Business Development at HHLA and Dr. Reinhard Lüken, Chief Executive Director of the Association of Shipbuilding and Marine Technology, reflect on how transformation processes on land and aboard ships towards environment-friendly fuels such as hydrogen can be achieved gradually.