EU's SINFONICA project for inclusive transport to launch in Hamburg

Project foresees digitalized mobility and improved connectivity
08 August 2023
Eine U-Bahn fährt durch Hamburg

The City of Hamburg is taking part in the EU's Social Innovation to Foster Inclusive Cooperative and Automated Mobility (SINFONICA) project for improved connectivity, digitalisation and inclusion. Seven European countries are working on new solutions for connected automated driving with emphasis on people with limited mobility. The City of Hamburg is set to receive EUR 200,000 in funds for the project through August 31, 2025.

More inclusive transport in Hamburg

The goal of SINFONICA is to recommend measures to make Hamburg's mobility services as inclusive as possible. To this end, surveys of Hamburg's residents and focus groups as well as transport companies and urban stakeholders will be conducted between September 2023 and May 2024. The Senate Chancellery, the Authority for Transport and Mobility Change (BVM) and the State Agency for Roads, Bridges and Waterways (LSBG) are also involved.

Strategies for automated and connected driving

Innovative strategies should involve passengers and companies in the development of automated and connected driving. That increases traffic safety, lowers both pollution and noise, BVM said. The intelligent transport system should bolster the Hamburg Takt under which a public transport service can be reached within five minutes. Buses and trains will also be better linked with on-demand services and bicycle traffic.