EUR 4.9 million for hydrogen filling station in Neumunster

German Ministry of Transport funding filling station for commercial vehicles
26 October 2022
Eine Wasserstofftankstelle in der Hafencity Hamburg

The German Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport has earmarked EUR 4.9 million from its Climate and Transformation Funds for a hydrogen filling station in Neumunster in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The filling station will supply commercial vehicles and heavy-duty lorries with hydrogen. Hypion GmbH plans to build a H2 hub with the Logistics Initiative Schleswig-Holstein. Several companies in the trade, building and logistics sectors are taking part in the project and are investing double-digit millions of euros.

Production, infrastructure and usage

The approval of funding show that the concept is convincing, according to Dr Stefan Rehm, Director of Development at Hypion GmbH. Apart from production, the concept also covers distribution via an efficient filling station infrastructure and use in 40-tonne tractor units. The filling station in Neumunster should supply up to 2,000 kilos of hydrogen per day and would would make the H2 hub a role model for other places in Germany and Europe.

Refuelling from spring 2023 - more branches planned

The Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Nord (Neumünster), Edeka AG (Hamburg) and Netto Marken-Discount (Henstedt-Ulzburg), the Hamburg-based vehicle conversion company Clean Logistics SE are among those also involved in the project. The filling station in Neumunster is currently under construction and should go into operation in spring 2023. Hypion also hopes to set up ten more hydrogen filling stations in northern Germany beginning in Lubeck.