EUR 15 million for digital test field in Port of Hamburg

German government funds project by HPA and Dakosy to boost digital infrastructure and procedures
24 January 2022

The German Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport is putting EUR 15 million towards a digital test field by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and the Dakosy software company, a press release said Monday (January 17, 2022). The Services and Data Network (SANTANA) project will link up private-sector logistics, public infrastructure and traffic management more closely in future.

Improving procedures

"We will achieve a quantum leap in digital transparency by linking logistics data with information from infrastructure," said Dieter Spark, CEO of Dakosy. The project foresees six measures  to optimise processes on water, road and rail. The traffic flow in the port is to be improved by a quantum-inspired, real-time control of the traffic light network. Access to digital services will easier on a joint marketplace for those involved in port logistics.

Improved access for business and science

"The funding demonstrates the national importance of the Port of Hamburg as more networked transport and logistics chains creates economic benefits and reduces emissions," said Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics. The digital test field will improve access for commercial and scientific innovators, according to Jens Meier, CEO of HPA. The project will also form the basis for developing and integrating digital services and product innovations in future.