DESY launches Innovation Factory

Science City to become seat of unique technology and start-up centre by 2025
29 October 2020
Image of DESY Innovation Factory

The German Electron Synchrotron (DESY) launched Thursday (October 28, 2020) the implementation phase of the DESY Innovation Factory with a virtual kick-off event. This will see Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld become a hub of new ideas, products and services, connecting scientists, start-ups and established corporations on almost 11 000 square metres. 

Transferring knowledge from science to economy 

The call for architectural project tender will be launched in early 2021 while construction is scheduled to begin in 2023. All going well, the DESY Innovation Factory should open its doors in 2025. The total costs of construction, installation and the first three to four years of operation of the centre are estimated at EUR 105.5 million of which 90 per cent will be borne by the German government and 10 per cent by the City of Hamburg. DESY is responsible for planning, the construction process and the operational management of the institution.

Germany as a centre of innovation and high tech

Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, noted: “Hamburg is one of the most attractive and economically dynamic regions in Europe. We are an excellent location for founders with new ideas. With the DESY Innovation Factory, a business incubator consisting of basic research, industry and business is being created in Hamburg that is unique in Germany.” Anja Karliczek, Germany's Minister of Education and Research, noted: “The DESY Innovation Factory focuses on topics that are of central importance for the future of the industrial location and our society: New solutions for the healthcare sector, e.g. by developing promising technologies for medical imaging, and research looking into materials, which can support a circular economy. This will be a centre, which builds strong ties between research and industry and it is here, where we see a real need.”

New innovation ecosystem

Dr. Arik Willner, Chief Technology Officer at DESY, said: “The location is one of a kind, as the DESY Innovation Factory is located in the direct vicinity of unique large-scale research and analytical facilities,” namely the PETRA X-Ray and DESY NanoLab. The factory will provide laboratories, workshops for electronics and mechanics as well as offices, meeting and event rooms for deep tech entrepreneurs who aim to provide technology solutions based on substantial scientific or engineering challenges. Another building targeting companies whose business models benefit from proximity to DESY and science is to be built on the site of the Innovation and Technology Park on Vorhornweg in Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld.

German Electron Synchrotron (DESY)

DESY counts among the world's leading accelerator centres and investigates the structure and function of matter - from the interplay of minute elementary particles, the behaviour of novel nanomaterials and vital biomolecules to the great mysteries of the universe. The particle accelerators and detection instruments that DESY develops and builds at its sites in Hamburg and Zeuthen (Brandenburg) are unique research tools. DESY is a research centre of the Helmholtz Association and is financed to 90 per cent by the German Ministry of Education and Research and to 10 per cent by the states of Hamburg and Brandenburg.


Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld

Science is to become a catalyst of urban development from the Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld campus. New scientific institutes and facilities and around 2,500 apartments are being built on the campus there. The overall aim is to create a vibrant district that combines work, research, study and living.