DESY, Fraunhofer, Hereon and EMBL increase co-operation

Research institutes driving technological performance and competitiveness - Memorandum of Understanding signed
20 November 2023
DESY Forschungszentrum

The German Electron Synchrotron (DESY),  the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Helmholtz Center Hereon and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) signed Monday (November 13, 2023) a Memorandum of Understanding on a new strategic partnership. The four institutes are pooling their expertise and infrastructure to create added value for basic and application-oriented research and for industry under the partnership.

Pooling expertise and infrastructure

"Innovation is created when forward-looking ideas from four directions come together," said Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Gender Equality. All four institutes will benefit from pooling their respective equipment and expertise. The plans foresee using the potential of synchrotron radiation for application-oriented research, for analysing images and data and for screening active substances and biomaterials. DESY's analytical infrastructure, including free electron lasers and PETRA III will be used to this end. The latter gives scientists outstanding opportunities for experiments with X-rays of exceptionally high brilliance. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is making its preparation and data analysis portfolio available.

More networking in Hamburg

The City of Hamburg prioritises networked research institutes as exemplified by the continuous expansion of Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld among others. This latest partnership is another achievement. "The expertise that is being bundled here stands for new competitiveness in Hamburg as a centre of innovation," said Fegebank.