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UKE launching health academy

UKE launching "Medicine for People with Curiosity"-themed health academy from October

The UKE is launching a new health academy on October 15, 2018 to give people an opportunity to learn about medicine. Every second Monday, experts at UKE will give short lectures about medical topics in easily understandable language. Various information points are now inviting people to take part and learn more about health.


“The UKE is offering all those interested information about the current state of medicine and an opportunity to talk to experts through the health academy,” said Prof. Dr. Dr. Uwe Koch-Gromus, Dean of the Medical Faculty Hamburg and board member of UKE. “We want to make a contribution and ensure that people can separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ in the wide range of health and therapy services on offer. The first topic will be ‘What the heart desires – how to keep the engine of life running’”. Visitors to the “Health Market” will be able to talk to UKE experts at the hands-on, information points and learn about prevention, self-help, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Pilot project to boost health literacy

The UKE is planning eight events from October 2018 to February 2019 as part of the health academy. Beginning with the heart, events will then focus on cancer, eyes, bones, kidneys, skin, stomach and dementia. The UKE Health Academy is a three-year pilot project designed to strengthen the health literacy of citizens and will be evaluated to this end. If successful, the UKE Health Academy will become an ongoing educational programme.

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