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UKE launches new model dentistry course

Course for trainee dentists to become even more practice-orientated

The new model iMed Dent course for dental students has launched at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) in October. New students are taught at UKE as part of a new curriculum. The course promotes interdisciplinary learning and early patient contact. Based along the lines of the iMed medical model course introduced in 2012, the iMed Dent course has been earmarked for EUR 660,000 in funds from Hamburg’s Ministry of Science, Research and Equality.

Merging theory and practice

The new curriculum merges practical-clinical and theoretical learning contents from the outset and is linked to medical research at the same time. “Following the introduction of the successful and popular model course in medicine, prospective dentists at UKE will now benefit from state-of-the-art training nationwide. This includes the acquisition of communicative skills as part of the curriculum in addition to dental basics and skills,” said Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality.

Interdisciplinary learning and early patient contact

Special emphasis is on interdisciplinary learning and interrelated illnesses e.g. the connection between gums and diabetes or coronary illnesses. The new curriculum also prioritises communication and early dentist-patient contact. Students will deal with patients from the fifth semester onwards. The Imed Dent course last five years plus a final exam semester.

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