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Topping-Out Ceremony Of The CHYN – Center for Hybrid Nanostructures

At the Bahrenfeld campus, scientists from physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine will be jointly researching nanostructures in an interdisciplinary way

The Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHYN) celebrated the topping-out ceremony of its new premises on the research campus Bahrenfeld on Thursday, 17 December 2015. The concept of ​​CHYN is unique in the world: In an interdisciplinary approach, scientists from physics, chemistry, biology and medicine will be jointly pursuing their research on nanostructures.

This research provides an immense potential for applications in medicine and biology. For example, the smallest bioelectronic implants could in future replace destroyed sensory cells and help people see, hear, or move arms or legs again. Comprising laboratories and office space, the new facility will be used by eight working groups of the Institute of Solid State Physics and Nanostructures (INF) of the University of Hamburg.

Worldwide Unique Research Programme

Katharina Fegebank, Hamburg Minister of Science: “There is no comparable research programme, neither in Germany nor in the world. The CHYN makes an important contribution to the international competitiveness of Germany and Hamburg in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. With this research building, the infrastructure for scientific excellence in Bahrenfeld continues to grow, thus attracting the best scientists and natural scientists from around the world to Hamburg.”

Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen, President of the University of Hamburg: “With the construction of CHYN, the expansion of one of Hamburg’s major research centre at Bahrenfeld, shows further progress and prepares the location for future competitions for the best scientists, and also for funding of federal and European Union. Congratulations to the founders! “

Bahrenfeld – Europe’s Hotspot for Nanoparticles

The CHYN complements the scientific research structure at the Bahrenfeld campus. Objectives of the work on CHYN is the research and application of structures on the nanometer scale, the so-called nanostructures. These nanoparticles have a size of a few atoms up to 100 nanometers; a nanometer is a billionth meter. The scientists in CHYN are specialist in the integration of nanoelectronic and biological materials. The resulting hybrid (mixed) nanostructures offer a huge potential for new applications in medicine and biology.

61 Million Euro Investment

On behalf of the Hamburg Ministry of Science, Research and Equality, Hamburg-based Sprinkenhof GmbH will construct the new facility with approximately 14,313 square meters of gross floor area (usable area 4,650 square meters). Municipal and federal investments will amount to more than 61 million euro. The CHYN is one of the first public building projects to be built on the principle of “cost stability of construction”.

Construction at Fixed Costs

Martin Görge, CEO Sprinkenhof: “The project is a good reference for future construction projects. With OPTIMA, the Hamburg Senate drew up an intelligent framework concept for the development of large construction projects, in which the participants are assigned roles that lead to increased efficiency and stringent approach. Furthermore, the associated planning security also leads to very positive results. We look forward to also develop and implement on the neighbouring HARBOR project and many other topics along the Senate’s new guidelines.”

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