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State-of-the art nano research centre opens in Hamburg

Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHyN) opens in Bahrenfeld - physicists, chemists, biologists and doctors to conduct interdisciplinary research

The new, state-of-the-art Center for Hybrid Nanostructure (CHyN) opened its doors Wednesday (July 19 July 2017) in the Bahrenfeld research campus next door to DESY. The centre aims to establish a new interdisciplinary research approach involving physicists, chemists, biologists and doctors to nanostructures with potential for collaborations.

“The new building and research programme are unique in the world and can help develop ultra-modern treatment methods. CHyN fits perfectly into the existing and emerging infrastructure at the Bahrenfeld research campus and will play an important role in making Hamburg an international centre of research and innovation as well as attracting clever minds from all over the world,” said Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality. The German government and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg are investing EUR 61 million in the centre. The 5,000 square metre building can accommodate around 130 scientists.

Potential for applications in medicine and biology

Work in CHYN will focus on researching applications for structures in particles on the nanometre scale. CHYN’s scientists specialise in connecting nano electronic and biological materials. The resulting, hybrid nanostructures have enormous potential for use in medicine and biology. In future, tiny bio-electronic implants will replace damaged sensory cells and restore people’s sight, hearing and leg and arm movements.

International research in Hamburg

The low-vibration clean room and a floor that resembles cheese with holes are at the heart of the building. The holes absorb particles of dust to keep the dust density to a minimum. The clean room has around 60 laboratories in which up to 90 scientists can prepare hybrid nano structures.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen, President of the University of Hamburg, said: “The CHyN will allow the University of Hamburg to become nationally and internationally visible in the competitive field of nano research and to establish the promising field of nano physics research in the long-term in Hamburg. CHyN is thus an important measure towards further university structure building and strengthening the Bahrenfeld campus.”

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