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Relatives rate Hamburg's nursing homes positively

Two-thirds of interviewees recommend nursing homes - more surveys planned

Over one-third of people, who have relatives in nursing homes in Hamburg, sent around 6,200 replies as part of a survey on the quality of care, the Health Authority announced Friday (February 17th). Around two-thirds of relatives would recommend the respective nursing home and 78 per cent found personnel always treated residents with respect or mostly. Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, said: “The survey of relatives is an important step towards even better quality and transparent care. The mainly positive picture emerging from the first survey is pleasing.”

According to an evaluation by the Statistical Office, the satisfaction expressed by relatives is reflected in the following: 64 per cent of relatives have a fixed contact person in the nursing home. Some 73 per cent said nursing and support staff had a good or very good knowledge of a resident’s state of health. Around two-thirds believe that nurses help relatives remain independent or boost their independence. Some 78 per cent of those interviewed said doctors and therapists’ visits are always or almost always possible.

Room for improvement

The results of the survey have also indicated room for improvement. Some 37.4 per cent of intervieweees said their relative has a fixed nurse to overview their care. Also, some 30 per cent of interviewees said relatives whose health allowed them to take part in events in the suburb were rarely or never given the opportunity to do so. Prüfer-Storcks said: “These views and experiences can help managers and those overviewing the care of residents with their work.“ More surveys will be conducted among staff in the nursing homes to secure quality and transparency.

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