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Otto Group Achieves Clear Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Sustainability Report reveals: Otto Group reduced its location-, transport- and mobility-related CO2 emissions in 2014 by 24 per cent compared to 2006

The international retail group is thus well on the way towards achieving its climate target of halving CO2 emissions by 2020 and a 70 per cent reduction by 2040.

“Alongside major progress in raising the percentage of FSC-certified wooden furniture to 33 per cent as well as the percentage of sustainable cotton to 11 per cent, regarding our 2020 sustainability targets we were able to significantly reduce our emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2”, emphasises Andreas Streubig, Head of Corporate Responsibility at the Otto Group.

Five Goals For All

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the five declared goals of the Sustainability Strategy 2020. The climate strategy pursued by Germany’s largest textile retailer includes the energy consumption of around 400 locations, employees’ business travel and use of company cars, as well as the transportation of goods from sourcing countries and delivery to the end-customer.

“We’re well on the way to implementing the ambitious climate protection goals endorsed by the Otto Group Executive Board”, Streubig continues. “Building on our target of a 50 per cent cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 compared to 2006, we have explicitly committed to a 70 per cent reduction by 2040.”

Comprehensive CR Strategy

The Otto Group’s CR Strategy with its five group-wide goals is part of the impACT sustainability management process. This is based on an innovative evaluation and analysis procedure, which besides stakeholder assessments also takes external costs into account. With impACT, the Otto Group is revolutionising the way in which the impacts of business activity on people and nature throughout the entire lifecycle of products and services can be identified and evaluated – and how effective as well as efficient measures can be derived.

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