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Making Hamburg fit for the future

Several events to boost Hamburg's excellent reputation as a health centre

Doctors in Hamburg perform complicated surgery supported by various mixed and virtual reality applications. Patients can access their files per mobile phone and digital files and “Apotheke 2.0/Chemist 2.0” are improving in-hospital procedures. Digital transformation in the health sector is no longer utopian and is instead gaining pace in the 21st century.

7th Hamburg eHealth-Lounge on February 22

The Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH) is hosting the 7th Hamburg eHealth-Lounge on February 22, 2018 and focusses on the impact of data protection on the health sector. This comes in the run-up to a new European Data Protection Regulation that takes effect on May 25th, 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe.

Health day on April 11

The Chamber of Commerce Hamburg will host the “Health Day of Commerce in Hamburg” on April 11, 2018 with emphasis on everyday health at work, which tops many companies’ agendas amid ongoing demographic change and a lack of skilled workers. Some 92 providers will present their companies and advise visitors on all aspects of corporate health management. Keynote speeches and workshops will deal with certain issues in-depth. Details of the programme will be published in spring 2018. The event is being held in co-operation with the GWHH and the Chamber of Commerce.

eHealth-Day on November 08

GWHH is also hosting the eHealth-Day 2018 on November 08 with emphasis on digital solutions and what Hamburg’s health sector can learn about digitalisation from other branches. First solutions are already emerging from the eHealth network formed in 2016 to cover an idea, the related research and development as well as its application along the entire valued-added chain. The network is a joint project by GWHH and the Life Science Nord cluster and is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

eHDa – GWHH’s data bank

Presented at the last eHealth-Lounge, the eHDa 2018 has gained pace. The data bank allows members of GWHH to link up with providers in the creative industries and the IT sector to promote digitalisation in the health sector. Companies are categorised according to their expertise e.g. hospital, IT or rehabilitation services.

New approaches to healthy ageing – AGQua

In 2030, every third person in Hamburg will be aged over 60 years. The longer an older person can live in their own home and suburb, the better their health which ultimately benefits the entire social security scheme. As part of the Active and healthy suburbs of Uhlenhorst and Rübenkamp/Aktive und Gesunde Quartiere Uhlenhorst und Rübenkamp (AGQua), new approaches are being tried out to live up to older people’s wishes. The project relies on social skills and technical assistants. Communication occurs on a digital platform linked to both suburbs. The service also functions as an interface to service providers. Residents can use their mobile phones and digital notice boards to access the information. Apartments in Rübenkamp are being equipped with technical assistants. Advice and information offers are available to boost prevention.

Such technical innovations and solutions are being offered by the University of Hamburg and supported by Silpion IT Solutions GmbH, Q-Data Service GmbH and are being developed by the GmbH start-up. The University of Applied Sciences is evaluating the project and initial results are expected this year. A health event about life in the district, following the project, will be held on August 20, 2018.

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