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Life Science to touch: "Day of Knowledge" to take place at UKE

Körber Prize 2016 presented to Dutch stem cell researcher Hans Clevers. Hamburg's insitutions present themselves

The first “Day of Knowledge Life Science” will get underway this weekend on the Campus Lehre at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). The Ministry for Science and Research hopes to bring research issues closer to people in Hamburg with this event which comes after Dutch cell researcher Hans Clever was awarded the Körber Prize 2016 on Wednesday (September 10th). The “Day of Knowledge” complements the Night of Knowledge held in November 2015.

Live link to California

Katharina Fegebank, Second Mayor Hamburg and Senator for Science, Research and Equality, said: “The ‘Day of Knowledge Life Science’ offers science to touch and allows people to participate and also gives access to the latest research results in the life sciences. The many items on the agenda reflect the diverse, high-performing and innovative Hamburg universities and research institutes in this field.”

Dutch researcher Hans Clever and his pioneering research results, for which he received the renowned Körber Prize, will be the focus of a lecture during the event. A live link to heart research Sonja Schrepfer in California will be established. The researcher will talk about her research project “Heart in Space” and discuss the effects of zero gravity on astronauts’ vascular systems.

18 research institutes to give insight into work

Questions such as whether dust can explode or the taste of nitrogen will be answered by Tim Berendork in the plietsch-Wissenschaftsshow, which will be broadcast hourly from NDR’s marquee at Campus Lehre. Some 18 research institutes in the life sciences sector including the University of Hamburg, the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg will give insight into their research. Diverse non-university research institutes will outline their projects in talks, films and invite people to take part in events and visit their stands.

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About the Körber Foundation

The foundation established by entrepreneur Kurt A. Körber stages various projects, collaborations and national and international events in education, society, politics, culture and science. The foundation has an annual budget of around EUR 18 million for non-profit work. It employs around 90 staff in Hamburg and Berlin. The foundation’s estate is worth around EUR 563 million and includes the Körber AG whose sole shareholder is the Körber Foundation. The Hamburg-based Körber AG is the controlling holding of an international technology company with around 11,500 employees worldwide. The Körber company earned turnover of EUR 2.3 billion in the business year 2015, it said. More information can be found on and

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