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Horch visits Yxlon International - global X-ray systems market leader

Hamburg is a location of excellence for technology. X-ray systems used in many different sectors

Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, visited Yxlon last Thursday (July 14th), a global market leader for X-ray systems, in Hamburg. The city has become a centre of excellence for X-ray systems since Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays in 1895. Yxlon International GmbH develops and produces X-ray systems for use in diverse sectors. Their clients include carmakers, aircraft manufacturers and industrial companies. Yxlon has 200 employees in Hamburg.

Promoting research

During his visit to the production site, Horch said: “Yxlon’s willingness and ability to strengthen innovation is very strong. One of senate’s objectives is to promote companies in Hamburg and to boost their research and development activities. That will allow us to expand our know-how in many different ways and to give us a competitive edge. Yxlon researches imaging processes in the nano range with the support of subsidies from the investment and development bank.”

Finalist at the Hamburg Innovation Awards

Yxlon’s X-ray systems are used in many different sectors; for instance, all lorry tyres are X-rayed before leaving factories. Airplane turbine blades are also X-rayed before use. Airbags, weld seams or cast parts for industrial use are examined at Yxlon. The company was among three finalists at this year’s Hamburg Innovation Awards in the growth category.

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