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Health day for Hamburg's economy

Firms are honoured for promoting health

Around 1,000 people visited the Chamber of Commerce Wednesday to find out more about health management in companies. Some 92 exhibitors met record numbers of visitors. Fritz Horst Melsheimer, President of the Chamber of Commerce, urged companies in Hamburg to make a greater commitment to their employees’ health as demographic change, among others, is have a bigger impact on firms.

Good health management should not be a question of personnel or financial resources. “Plenty can be achieved with even minimal outlay,” said Melsheimer at the 12th Hamburg Health Day. Prevention and promoting health privately and in companies are considered the main drivers of growth in the sector over the coming years.


This year, the Hamburg Committee for Health Promotion e.V. (HAG) honoured companies that have been exemplary in terms of protecting and boosting health among their employees. The prize is presented every two years for good health promotion concepts and for quality measures. Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Hamburg’s Senator for Health and Consumer Protection, presented the awards with Prof. Dr. Corinna Petersen-Ewert, CEO of HAG.

Prüfer-Storcks noted: “There are many positive developments in companies and greater awareness of the issue of health promotion,” adding, “But the prerequisites for health at work have yet to be met or at least improved in many companies. The employees should be included from the very start. They are the best experts on problems and finding solutions in the company.”

The winners of the Hamburg Health Prize for Companies, Commerce and Administration were the Hilfe Daheim nursing service, Thomas Becker of Atelier für Schmuck, GroundSTARS GmbH & Co. KG a service provider in aviation and baggage handling, as well as the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

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Health business in Hamburg

Hamburg’s health business is a key, high perfomer in the overall regional economy. Statements about the economic importance for Hamburg have only been possible to a certain extent hitherto as reliable figures were lacking similar to other sectors. The Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH) is a joint undertaking by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg. The statistical analysis of the sector was assigned to the Darmstadt-based WifOR research insitute. The following are key findings (Date: January 2015):

With a gross value added of around EUR 8.2 billion in 2013, the health business generated nearly every 11th euro in the entire gross value added. The increasing share of gross value added in the overall, regional economy came to 8.4 per cent in 2005 and 9.4 per cent in 2013. This evidences the sector’s growing importance.

Around 162,000 people were employed in the health business in 2013. Since 2005, more than 23,000 extra workplaces have been created in the sector.

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