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Hamburg's Clinics are important clients of Hamburg's Services Providers

New survey reveals: on average, about 50 companies are working for each of the city's many hospitals

A new survey by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce confirms the importance of Hamburg’s hospitals for the local economy. On average, each hospital is contracting more than 50 external service providers in the areas of cleaning, laundry service, catering, maintenance and repair. The survey was conducted in collaboration with the Healthcare Industry Hamburg GmbH and the Hamburg Hospital Association among Hamburg’s clinics and hospitals.

New Segments

According to the survey, 28 per cent of respondents expect the share of local service providers to grow over the next five years. Even though this figure is smaller than last year, new segments such as medical technology or telecommunications will offer new opportunities for service providers to be active on the market, explains Fritz Horst Melsheimer, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Regional Value added

Nearly 80 per cent of respondents confirm to receive their services from Hamburg or its metropolitan region, a fact confirmed by Dr. Christoph Mahnke, chairman of the Hamburg Hospital Association. He sees the high relevance of the Hamburg hospitals for the business location Hamburg confirmed. “For every euro invested, the regional demand by hospitals for services and goods brings indirect positive effects, and added regional value”, he is convinced.

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About the Hamburgische Krankenhausgesellschaft

The “Hamburgische Krankenhausgesellschaft (HKG)” or Hamburg Hospital Association is the umbrella organisation of hospital operators and industry organisations in Hamburg. It represents the common interests of 36 private, non-profit and public hospitals in and around Hamburg. The HKG stand for a growth-promoting and innovation-friendly environment.It is committed to innovative care models and systemic renewal of healthcare.

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