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Hamburg is turning into a stronghold of 3D technologies

3D printers and 3D screens to revolutionise production, research and daily life

They are considered as the heralds of the next industrial revolution: 3D printers. The Hamburg expert Copynet Innovationsgesellschaft already provides their customers with these innovative printers that replace time-consuming and cost-intensive manual modelling by upfront technology. By simply pressing a button, their 3D printers produce prototypes at low cost that are increasingly in demand by the automotive and the construction industry. All prototypes are formed from a white high performance composite that can be coloured in six million shades.

But that‘s not all. The 3D printer not only shapes the model, but also meticulously calculates key figures of the production process, i.e. manufacturing cost and production time.3D also conquers other sectors, with Hamburg increasingly becoming an important centre of this technology. United Entertain is an internationally renowned specialist in 3D television and 3D advertising. Movies and advertising can be viewed using its technology without annoying 3D glasses. The accurate presentation of spatial depth is also a key feature of SeeFront‘s 3D screens that are highly demanded by the medicine technology and automotive production. Several European car manufacturers are currently testing SeeFront monitors for further development of their parking aids. The Canadian company Spielo ordered SeeFront‘s 3D screens for its slot machines, which will soon feature 23 inch large monitors made in Hamburg. Last but not least, also leading computer manufacturers show an interest in
SeeFront‘s 3D expertise. Based on know-how from Hamburg, people all around the world are able to watch 3D films on Sony Vaio laptops without the help of a special pair of glasses.

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