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Hamburg Startup Enrich Hamburg's Health Industry With Innovations

An increasing number of founders is active in the health sector. Success is rewarded worldwide

Hamburg’s startup scene is rooted in many industries. Particularly in the digital sector, new products are introduced to address different problems. Also human health benefits from the innovative startups of the Hammburg Metropolitan Region, with the e-health sector in Hamburg rapidly growing.

Made in Hamburg: Technologies with Worldwide Success

Hamburg’s most successful startup of the healthcare industry of today is the Sonormed GmbH with its Tinnitracks product. To treat tinnitus, the company has developed software that can filter out music frequencies. By regularly listening to the specifically modified music, the impact of Tinnitus can be reduced. Recognised as an official medical software for the treatment of Tinnitus, Tinnitracks was presented at the South by Southwest, one of the biggest international fairs for creative industries and the digital industry. There, the only German company at SXSW Accelerator convinced the jury and was named winner in the “Digital Health and Life Science” category.

Connected Health has developed a twitter of software and hardware in order to facilitate communication between doctors and patients. Findings, documents, and images are stored in the software to create a digital health record chronicles the patient’s medical history from visits to the dentist to surgeries or chronic conditions. Thus, medical practitioners are no longer dependent on the statements of the patient from memory, and pass on data more quickly to other places. In spring 2015, the business idea was named winner of the App Idea contest of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

In a similar way, the Dräger Group MT2IT developed a platform that transfers data easily and in real time to a mobile device. If information for a patient’s treatment is urgently needed at the point-of-care, it can be viewed directly. Then, they are then sent back to their original location. Data protection is increased since nothing is stored, but simply retrieved and sent back again.

Improving Hygiene and Health Through New Ideas

A particular problem of everyday life is encountered by Embella. Without a digital component, but with great benefit disposal bags for tampons were developed by the young company. The bags are odourless, opaque, and offer a clean solution for a common problem on the road. Large drugstore chains have already recognised the potential of the product and offer it. Now, the company plans to expand to other areas of personal hygiene.

The idea of ​​feelgood is the prevention from diseases by strengthening the body through a regular training and food plans. Based on the expertise of members of the healthcare industry, a body analysis are created. Then, individual recipe tips and workout plans will be set up that can be viewed online and via the app. Thus, the user can always monitor how well he handles his body.

Strengthening Co-operation with Neighbouring Countries

In March, startups from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region presented their novel products in front of a Dutch business delegation that visited Northern Germany together with HRH King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and HRH Queen Máxima. In Hamburg, the Connected Health GmbH, the Sonormed GmbH, the KSK Diagnostics GmbH, and the Fraunhofer MEVIS Project Group were able to showcase their assets in front of the delegation. “As a direct neighbour of the Netherlands, we are very pleased about the visit of the Dutch delegation and see it as an opportunity to showcase our strengths in the life sciences, to learn from one another, and to lay the foundations for a closer co-operation in the future”, says Dr. Hinrich Habeck, managing director of Life Science Nord GmbH.

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