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Groundbreaking Ceremony at the University of Lübeck

New research centre for biomedicine to be built with new labs and interdisciplinary research facilities

In the new building, the Center for Infection and Inflammation Research Lübeck and the Clinical Research Lübeck will be housed. Around 43.4 million euro will be invested into in the construction of the new biomedical research centre, scheduled for completion in spring of 2019. The groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated on 2 July 2015.

Stable Expansion

“The start of construction for our focal research field ‘infection and inflammation’ marks an impressive milestone in the constant expansion of the university and its research fields. Located just outside the CBBM-building for brain, hormones and behavior and the new Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology, the heart of the new research campus will thus be created”, “explains Hendrik Lehnert, president of the University of Lübeck. “I wish the construction all the luck needed, and look forward to seeing 80 scientists working together in the new research centre ZIEL under best conditions at pioneering projects, which hopefully will soon lead to successful results.”

Flexible Laboratory Cluster

Heinz Schwabe, deputy division manager of Landesbau GMSH, adds: “This research building is both flexible and transparent. In addition to the high functional requirements, we have given special consideration to the vision of interdisciplinary research. In addition, all labs can be converted into individual laboratories for laboratory clusters, and vice versa, if the requirements change, with relatively little effort.”

Support of Academic Exchange

The new building’s 7,020 square metres will cover five storeys and a basement. Next to biomedical and chemical laboratories, also central units will be set up, accessible by both research institutions. The room concept is scheduled to meet with the scientists are enabled to support the exchange of research directions. The glass building is being constructed adjacent to the Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM), to which it will be connected on all floors.

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