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Groningen and Hamburg start research collaboration

Focus on developing new substances targeting metabolism and for healthy ageing

Katharina Fegebank, Deputy Mayor of Hamburg and Senator for Science, and Joost van Keulen, Deputy Mayor of Groningen, signed an agreement Friday (November 4) launching a research project on ageing by the Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort Hamburg and the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) at the University Hospital Groningen. The collaboration aims to develop new substances to promote healthy ageing by influencing metabolism and fighting cancer as well. Both cities are putting EUR 55,000 each towards the initial, one-year project.

Boosting Hamburg as a centre of research

Fegebank said: “I am delighted that we have been able to launch a collaboration between both research institutes so quickly after my visit to Groningen in January.” The collaboration between the Fraunhofer IME and the ERIBA boosts Hamburg as a centre of research as well as the alliance with Groningen, she added. The collaboration is “more than economic and scientific”, noted van Keulen. It is a gratifying connection between top research and practical problems linked to ageing in both regions, he added.

Subsidiary research centres in U.S. and Chile

ERIBA aims to better understand what causes ageing and related illnesses. At present, 13 independent research groups focus on many diverse issues and models using the current technology platforms. The Fraunhofer IME researches applied life sciences – ranging from the molecular level to entire ecosystems in pharmacy, medicine, chemistry, agriculture as well as environmental and consumer protection. The IME ScreeningPort and its laboratories in Hamburg have been part of the institute since 2014. The Fraunhofer IME employs around 650 staff in laboratories in Germany and in subsidiary research centres in the U.S. and Chile.

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