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Generalist carer training begins

Trainees to train in all care areas - HAW to launch care course in 2020

Around 154 trainees began their training as carers Monday (February 2, 2020) at five of 14 nursing schools in Hamburg. The trainees are undergoing comprehensive training, which is no longer limited to the care of the elderly, the sick and children. This comes after the Nursing Professions Act took effect on January 1, 2020 to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the sector and make the profession more attractive.

Attracting young people to care sector

The new concept is expected to lead to 1,300 new apprentices in 2020. School fees are not payable and the course is recognised throughout the EU. The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) is launching a nursing course with 60 openings from the winter term 20/21. Students qualify with a B.A. Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, remarked: “Clearly, we need more nursing professionals. Thus, the care profession must become more attractive. This is exactly what the new generalist training will achieve.” Hopes are now high that the standard training will help align salaries in the care of the sick and elderly. The nine remaining nursing schools in Hamburg are expected to launch courses in 2021.

Generalist training and specialisation

Trainees will receive practical training in the care of all age groups and areas of care and can qualify as a nursing assistant after two years. During the third year, trainees can specialise and qualify in the care of the elderly, health care and children. Prospective students should have an intermediate school-leaving qualification or have completed ten years of general education. Lower secondary school-leavers with further qualifications are also eligible for the course.

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