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Foundation Stone Laid of the CHYN – Center for Hybrid Nanostructures

Federal government and city state of Hamburg invest more than 61 million euro into a globally unique research centre

Today, the foundation stone was laid in Hamburg for a globally unique research centre – the CNYH Center for Hybrid Nanostructures. Having started construction in December 2014, basement and roof of the technology unit are have now been finished.

Globally Unique Research Centre

The idea of CHYN is unique in the world: in an interdisciplinary approach, physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians will be exploring nanostructures in a central research centre. This research has immense potential. For example, the smallest bioelectronic implants could in future replace destroyed sensory cells and help people to see, hear, or move arms or legs once again.

Katharina Fegebank, Hamburg Minister of Science: “There is no similar research programme – neither on national nor ono international level. Thus, CHYN contributes to the international competitiveness of Germany and Hamburg in the research field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.“

New Addition at the Research Campus Bahrenfeld

The CHYN is the first new building on the southern plot of the Research Campus Bahrenfeld, i.e. the former Reemtsma site. Objectives of the work in CHYN is the study and application of structures in particles on the nanometer scale, the so-called nano-structures. These nanoparticles have a size from a few atoms up to 100 nanometers. A nanometer is one-billionth of a metre. The scientists in CHYN are dedicated to the connection of nano-electronic and biological materials. The resulting hybrid (mixed) nano-structures offer a huge potential for new applications in medicine and biology. In the future, for example, ultra tiny bioelectronic implants could replace damaged sensory cells and thus enable people to se again, hear again, or move arms and legs. In order to make these applications possible, fundamental questions in physics of the nanoparticles need to be further explored. The co-operation of physics with chemistry, biology and medicine is essential.

Winning Design of the Berlin Architect Reiner Becker

For the new building, the architectural firm Reiner Becker Architekten BDA emerged as the winner of the competition. The Berlin-based architect will build the new centre with laboratories for the development of hybrid nanostructures for the analysis and manipulation of biological materials and systems, HF cabins, cryostat pit, laboratories for quantum and organic materials, clean room areas according to ISO RK 4 (420 sqm), ISO RK 5 (220 sqm), and ISO RK 6 (220 sqm) and actively shielded and fitted with vibration-isolated foundations, physical laboratories with optical tables, TEM, SEM and SEMPA.

Built Along the Principle of Keeping Price Stable

The project is being implemented through the tenant-landlord model with Hamburg’s Sprinkenhof GmbH, and thus keeps in line with the policy of the Hamburg Senate to expand Hamburg’s position as a leading location of science and research.

On behalf of the Hamburg Ministry of Science and Research, Sprinkenhof GmbH constructed the new building with a gross floor area of 14,313 square metres (floor space 4,650 square metres). The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the federal German government investment more than 61 million euro into the new centre. The CHYN is one of the first public building projects built on the principle of “stable costs in construction”. Jan Zunke, managing director of Sprinkenhof AG: “The Sprinkenhof GmbH would like to thank for the confidence placed upon the company to realise this highly complex project as developer. The company’s experience and expertise from previous construction projects contributed to this positive success.”

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