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Finnische Delegation besucht den Gesundheitsstandort Hamburg © Finpro, Team Finland

Finnish delegation visiting Hamburg - centre of health care

"Finnish Digitalization meets German Healthcare"

Around 14 Finnish companies offering robot solutions for intelligent pharmacies, individualised physiotherapy routines per app and preparation for surgery and post-operative care information on apps are visiting Hamburg Monday (September 18-19, 2017) and from October 18-19, 2017. E-health is a thriving sector in Finland which has a population of only 5.5 million compared to Germany’s 82.8 million although both countries are around the same size.

Christine Grumbach, a Senior Business Developer for EurAsiaGrowth, has organised the visits on behalf of Finpro, one of many organisations in the national Team Finnland organisation. Commenting on the Finnish e-health sector, she noted: “Finland has always had to provide good health care for people in the countryside. Thus, the country began developing digital solutions in health care early.”

Digital structures crucial to networking

Based in Quickborn, business developers at EurAsiaGrowth help international companies to access the German market and advise companies in Germany on how to expand in Europe and Asia. Commenting on the attractiveness of Hamburg, Grumbach said: “The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is ideal. All the relevant structures are here in a relatively small space. On the one hand, diverse organisations such as hospitals, health care providers, innovative health insurers and on the other hand, medical technology firms like Philips, Olympus or Dräger make the region a top spot.” Digital structures thrive on the availability of networked partners here. “At the same time, we note highly compact service structures in Hamburg as well as comprehensive supply to rural regions,” Grumbach added.

Partnerships and subsidiaries

Given the extensive health coverage in Finland, Finnish companies have limited opportunities for growth. “The companies are thus seeking new possibilities for international expansion and are looking for suitable locations for partnerships and subsidiaries,” said Grumbach. For the moment, they are trying to identify structures in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, see where the challenges lie and how best to apply Finnish solutions. During their first visit, inpatient care will top the agenda which will take the delegation to the University Clinic Lübeck, Itzehoe Clinic and HanseMerkur insurer. Some visitors may stay longer to attend the 13th Health Industry Congress underway from September 20-21 in Hamburg with emphasis on digitalisation this year. From October 18-19, the delegation will visit branches of Asklepios Klinik, the cross-sector Optimedis health network, the new Philips Health Innovation Port and the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurer.

Baltic Sea region attacting Hamburg-based companies

Several Hamburg-based companies and north German firms are eyeing the Baltic Sea Region, which is home to between 50 million and 140 million people. The region spans Denmark, Sweden, Finland, parts of Norway, northeast Germany and well as northwest Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Chamber of Commerce Hamburg regularly lends its support to firms in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region that co-operate with countries bordering the Baltic. The prestigious 18-kilometre Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, to be built between Puttgarden on the island of Fehmarn and Rødbyhavn in southern Denmark, holds huge economic potential. Construction could get underway in 2021/2022 and be completed in 2028/2029. The tunnel will cut journey lengths between the Oresund region and Hamburg and will likely boost cross-border goods and passenger traffic.

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Hamburg’s health industry

The Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH) is aiming to boost Hamburg’s excellent reputation as a centre of health by improving medical care across borders and sectors in the long-term. GWHH’s shareholders are the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg. Both are tasked with linking service providers and movers and shakers in the sector. GWHH and the Gesundheitsmetropole Hamburg e. V. association boost potential for growth, employment, innovative systems and are committed to raising the quality of care in Hamburg.

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