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Every sixth job in health sector

Above-average growth in Hamburg's healthcare sector e-health gaining importance

Hamburg’s health sector has witnessed average growth of 5 per cent annually and has grown twice as fast as the city’s overall economy since 2008, according to the “Analysis of the Economic Importance of the Health Economy in Hamburg” carried out on behalf of Hamburg’s Health and Consumer Protection Authority. E-health is also becoming increasingly important, the study found.

Healthcare driving growth in Hamburg

In 2017, every tenth euro in Hamburg was generated in the health industry, which accounted for gross added value added of EUR 10.7 billion making the sector a key driver of growth. Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, said: “The senate backs this development with the highest investments in hospitals across Germany. Subsidy programmes for free school fees in healthcare professions, digitalization in medicine and care as well as alternative forms of housing for those in need of care are also available.” The health sector also has a considerable impact on the growth of other industries as goods and services provided by regional suppliers generate an additional EUR 3.9 billion.

Demand for digital solutions

In 2017, fewer than one in six people in Hamburg were employed in the healthcare sector with a total of 193,400 employees. However, the shortage of skilled workers, demographic change and cost pressure are posing challenges to the sector. “Digital solutions can increase efficiency, relieve the strain on healthcare professionals and improve the quality of patient care,” said Prüfer-Storcks. The e-health sector is also growing in Hamburg. Numerous companies in the IT and creative industries offer excellent potential for increased digitalisation in the healthcare industry.

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