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Hamburg Start-Up Discovered Gap In Hygiene Market for

Embella successfully developed products for feminine hygiene

Often, the startup scene is directly linked to in online world. Marketing tools, browser and app games, financial and tech companies make up the bulk of German start-ups. The founders of Embella, Dr Jan-Niklas Keltsch and Cecilia Edzard, not only stayed offline, but also addressed a taboo.

Female Hygiene

The experiences Keltsch made as a student made when sharing a flat with young ladies made him aware that even in everyday life, improvements are still needed. For instance in the field of female hygiene. “During these days, the question of a discreet, odour-free and opaque disposal of tampons arose. Paper bags were clearly not suited”, recalls Keltsch, who could not believe that there was not an not an adequate solution, even though approximately 1,500,000,000 tampons are being used each year in Germany alone.

Hamburg University Of Technology Supported Innovation

In co-operation with the Hamburg University of Technology, a solution to this problem was developed – bags, suitable for one-handed operation. Odourless and opaque, they can be closed easily and disposed for recycling after their use. This creates a simple and above all discreet disposal of tampons that previously has not been possible, even though desired by women.

Active since 2013 with its founders Cecilia Edzard and Dr. Jan-Niklas Keltsch and one full-time staff, Embella – like O.B. and Camelia – broke a taboo. “In principle, it is an ordinary business model, “says Keltsch. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is convinced by his idea, and funds the start-up along with the Hamburg Innovation Starter Fund.

Success For Patented Product

Following a successful testing at the chemist chain “dm”, the disposal bags are now also available from wholesalers and the Hamburg chemist chain Budnikowsky. According to Embella, 60,000 bags were sold in the first three months. Pleased by the success, the founders have already started to develop disposal solutions for other hygiene areas, for instance in regard to napkins of children or seniors. “Soon, we will be able to provide an entire range of Embella disposal solutions to consumers.”

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